Update existing or create new machine. Only specified fields will be affected.

Method name Response type Requires identity Required permissions
UpdateMachine numeric Yes None

Method parameters

Field name Type Default Required Description
id numeric -1 No Target machine ID. When equals -1, new machine will be created.
is_visible boolean No If false, machine will not be visible on public gallery
description string No Machine description. BBCode is accepted here.
physical_state numeric No Machine state. Accepted values from 0 to 5 (0 - Unknown, 1 - Broken, 2 - Needs repair, 3 - Partially broken, 4 - Good, 5 - Very good)
custom_name string No Machine hostname or custom name
name string No Machine name (required when creating new machine)
manufacturer_id numeric No ID of existing manufacturer. Manufacturers list can be retreived by GetManufacturers method.
manufacturer string No Machine manufacturer name
year_of_production string No Year in which machine was manufactured
type string No Machine type name
type_id numeric No ID of existing type. Types can be retreived by GetTypes method
serial_number string No Serial number of user's owned machine
price string No Price of owned machine
photos array No Array of photo slugs related to target machine
is_extension boolean No Group this machine as part/extension
is_standalone boolean No Group this machine as standalone device
category_id numeric No ID of category to assign to

Response description

Method will return ID of updated or created machine


There are no examples for this method.